Alienware Pro Wireless Mouse and Pro Wireless Keyboard

Alienware is mainly known for its high-end desktop monitors. Therefore laptops and gaming PCs. Dell’s computer hardware subsidiary. Therefore has unveiled its latest keyboard and mouse designed with input from professional gamers. Therefore to give them a competitive edge. Along with new gaming laptops and QD-OLED monitors. Alienware showed off some new gaming hardware during CES 2024. Aimed at the competitive gaming scene. Therefore the Pro Wireless Mouse and Pro Wireless Keyboard provide everything esports athletes need to effortlessly defeat opposing teams.

Alienware aimed to make its Pro Wireless keyboard 25 Alienware Pro

Alienware compatible high-quality Asia Phone Number List mouse and keyboard using feedback from professional gamers. Engineers and designers have worked with over 100 athletes worldwide. Including Alienware’s longtime partner, Team Liquid. The Pro Wireless Mouse uses top-of-the-line components. Therefore including a state-of-the-art sensor capable of tracking speeds of 650 IPS. 50G Acceleration, and resolutions up to 26,000 DPI. A high-quality mouse also provides exceptional polling speed.

Bluetooth 5.1 and a USB-C cable

Alienware has designed its latest mouse Afghanistan phone data with comfort in mind to Alienware Pro accommodate all common types of dust (palm, claw, fingerprint). It also features Magnetic-Force keyboards with optical switches for faster and more accurate mouse clicks. Battery life is 32 hours at 4 kHz polling mode or 120 hours at 1 kHz. Alienware aimed to make its Pro Wireless keyboard 25 percent more compact. Therefore the sweet spot for gamers looking to save space without sacrificing features.


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