Content creation to succeed with SEO

In order to succeed with SEO, we will mainly explain the three points that you should be aware of at least when creating content. When it comes to SEO measures, there are two main directions. The first is “technical SEO” to better respond to search engines, and the second is “content SEO” which is aimed at through content creation . The first is technical SEO, which allows search engine crawlers to properly evaluate your website and its content and index it in the appropriate rankings. We will then take various measures to further improve our index ranking. For example, the following measures are technical SEO .

Check commonly searched keywords

First, check the search results for the keyword you are trying to set. Let’s say you want to create an Phone Number List article about Mother’s Day. Gifts and want to find out more about the search performance for the keyword . The search volume for Mother’s Day is very high, but users who search for are not only looking for information about Mother’s Day presents . When is Mother’s Day this year? you may be looking for information such as . Therefore  we check not only the search volume for “Mother’s Day” but also the search volume when combining multiple keywords. However, just because a keyword has a high search volume does not mean it is the best keyword. The higher the search volume, the more likely there will be competition.

Explore user needs behind keywords


Next, we infer the user’s search intent from the search keyword, consider what Afghanistan Phone Number information the user is looking for, and consider the content. Since it is impossible to fully understand the user’s intentions, we have to make inferences from several perspectives. Here are some tips for understanding user search intent. For example, let’s check what kind of pages are displayed as results when you search with the keyword you set. You can see the information that users are looking for by looking at the trends in the pages that are displayed at the top. It is also effective to search on SNS and Yahoo! Chiebukuro to gather information about user interests. Furthermore, it would be even more effective if you could interview users and hear their voices based on the information you have gathered.


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